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Frequently Asked Questions

About air charter

About the aircraft

About the flight

Where can I fly from / to?  [back to top]

We work globally and through our vast network of partner airlines we can offer charter aircraft from any licensed airport in the world.

How much does it cost?  [back to top]

Every charter is unique and is priced according to your chosen itinerary and aircraft type. For a free price indication, you can complete our quotation form or alternatively you can contact our charter sales team.

How far in advance do I need to book my flight?  [back to top]

We can arrange flights at very short notice, sometimes in less than four hours, subject to aircraft and crew availability and cleared funds. For a greater choice of aircraft and price options, we recommend you contact us at least one to two weeks in advance of your flight date. This enables us to accommodate any special requests you may have.

How do I get a quote?  [back to top]

Requests for a no obligation charter quote can be made via the Get a Quote section on this website or by contacting our charter sales team. Keep in mind that we will require most of the information found in our "Get a Quote" section. You may wish to review this section prior to calling us.

I'm ready to book. What happens next?  [back to top]

When you confirm interest in a flight we will send you a Charter Agreement by fax or email (PDF). This will provide full details of the aircraft, your itinerary and payment information. Once you have signed and returned the agreement to us, your flight is confirmed and booked.

Can I change my timings after a booking has been made?  [back to top]

Yes! On small business aircraft you may change the times of your flight to suit your schedule. Flexibility is one of the real advantages of air charter. When chartering a commercial airliner, changing your times may not always be possible, as the aircraft might operate other flights before or after your trip.

How do I pay?  [back to top]

Cleared payment is required prior to flight. Anglo European can invoice in Euros, Pound Sterling or US Dollars. Payments can be made by wire transfer or by credit card (VISA / MasterCard / American Express), subject to a small processing fee. If you are a regular flyer with Anglo European, account facilities can be arranged.

I have additional passengers. Will my flight cost increase?  [back to top]

No, your price is based on chartering the entire aircraft and will therefore not change so long as the number of passengers does not exceed the aircraft's available seating capacity or the maximum payload for your chosen route (thus requiring an alternative aircraft to the one originally quoted).

Are there any hidden costs?  [back to top]

No, we always provide transparent pricing that includes all costs. Generally, prices will only change if you request a different itinerary or if you ask us to reschedule your flight, requiring the aircraft to land outside an airport's published opening times. This would usually incur an out of hours extension charge.

You will always be advised of any changes to the charter price before you have to make a binding decision.

What about flight tickets?  [back to top]

Tickets are not required on executive charter aircraft. All we require is a list of passenger names the day before you travel. On international flights we sometimes need additional information such as passengers' nationality, date of birth and passport number. In all cases, you will be advised of the passenger information we will require well in advance of your flight.

When chartering a commercial airliner for your group most airlines require only a group ticket and passenger list, however, some carriers will insist on individual tickets. Again, you will be advised of your flights' particular requirements well in advance of the flight date.

Can I travel with my pets?  [back to top]

We are happy to accommodate your pets, but please remember to let us know about this when you first contact us. This ensures that we will offer you only aircraft on which animals can be carried. The majority of carriers insist that your pet is kept in a pet carrier during the flight.

Are charter aircraft safe?  [back to top]

Anglo European works only with carriers who meet or exceed internationally accepted safety standards. Before recommending an aircraft to you we will want to have verified that:

  • The operator possesses a valid Air Operator's Certificate (AOC)
  • The aircraft is flown and maintained to Public Transport (airline) standards
  • The aircraft is comprehensively insured to industry-accepted levels

What types of aircraft do you have available?  [back to top]

We offer over 100 different types of aircraft for charter. To visit our comprehensive aircraft guide, click here.

Which aircraft type should I choose?  [back to top]

When you call us, e-mail us or request a quote via our website, we'll provide a selection of aircraft options and recommend the type that best suits your requirements. In addition, you may wish to visit our Aircraft Guide which contains pictures and performance data for all the aircraft we offer.

Do the aircraft have toilet facilities on board?  [back to top]

All airliners and medium to large business jets have fully enclosed toilet facilities. Light jets, turboprops and air taxis may offer limited or no toilet facilities. You will be advised of the facilities available on your aircraft during booking.

What is a Pressurised Cabin?  [back to top]

Cabin pressurization is the active pumping of air into the cabin of an aircraft to increase the air pressure within the cabin. It is required when an aircraft reaches high altitudes and the outside air becomes thinner, containing less oxygen. All airliners, jets and turboprops have pressurised cabins. Only smaller air taxis are unpressurised, and may only operate at altitudes of up to 10,000 ft (3000m).

Flying at lower altitudes can be a wonderful experience. On a clear day, you can enjoy the scenery; you can see the towns, cities, roads, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Due to their altitude restriction, unpressurised aircraft have to fly around, rather than over the weather.

Will there be other passengers on my charter flight?  [back to top]

When you book a private aircraft, you decide who will be on the aircraft with you.

Will there be refreshments served on board the aircraft?  [back to top]

When you book your flight you will be asked for any specific catering requirements you might have. Dependent on the type of aircraft you are chartering, different levels of catering can be arranged.

How many pilots will there be?  [back to top]

The number of crew members will depend on the type of aircraft chosen for the trip. In most cases, you will have both a pilot and co-pilot. The exceptions are smaller twin engine air taxis. These aircraft are typically flown by a single pilot, but a second pilot can be provided if required.

What do I do when I arrive at the departure airfield?  [back to top]

The charter briefing, which you will receive when you book your aircraft, will contain details of where to report to, including maps, telephone numbers and crew contact details. Of course each airfield is different - but the general rule is that you should aim to arrive 20 minutes prior to your planned departure time.

What happens after we land at the arrival airfield?  [back to top]

When you arrive at your destination the aircraft will be met by a handling agent who will take the passengers and their luggage to the terminal building, where they can meet with their onward transportation. If required, Anglo European can organise onward transportation for you.

Can weather affect my flight plans?  [back to top]

On rare occasions it can. Each country has specific regulations concerning weather, types of aircraft, and pilot capabilities. Most charter aircraft are equipped with "all weather" equipment that allows the operation in complex weather such as icing conditions or heavy rain showers. We are happy to explain the weather capabilities of your chosen aircraft.

If a flight is affected by adverse weather (such as fog at the destination), you will be given the option to delay the flight until the weather improves or you may instead wish to fly to an unaffected airport near to your destination, if available.