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Cruise Line Charters

A luxury cruise begins at the airport check-in desk

Discerning passengers expect cruise-ship quality from start to finish — from outbound airport check-in desk to joyful return. And the only way to ensure that connecting flights meet your standards is to charter your own aircraft.

Chartering puts you in control of your travel arrangements. You choose the airports and flight times. You set the level of comfort that matches your guests' expectations — bespoke check-in facilities, upgraded meals, in-flight entertainment, cruise-line branding throughout the aircraft.

Taking cruise-ship standards to the air

We've flown cruise-ship passengers to and from just about every cruising port in the world. We've shortened transfer times by choosing the nearest airport and we've helped our clients add the touches of luxury that turn a connecting flight into an integral part of the cruising experience. We can do the same for you.

Anglo European offers you:

  • - Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  • - Priority cruise-line branded check-in and departure facilities
  • - On-board check-in (subject to approval)
  • - Choice of budget-led or five-star quality flight programmes
  • - Exclusive menus and bespoke in-flight entertainment
  • - Direct, non-stop flights
  • - Cruise-line branding of aircraft, cabin and in-flight video presentations
  • - Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility
  • - Airport representation by prior arrangement

Round-the-clock flight information

Anglo European operates a dedicated 24 hour flight watch department, equipped with industry leading flight routing software and live access to Europe's Air Traffic Control System.

This enables us to provide you with up to the minute information covering every aspect of your flights, including:

  • - Push-back, take-off and landing times
  • - Real-time position reports (using Anglo Flight Map™)
  • - Advanced warning of slot or weather induced delays

For further information and preliminary price indications, please call our commercial team on +44 (0)1724 711 999 or complete a tour operator enquiry form.