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Special Occasion Charters

Why not add something really special to your next event?

Everyone loves a surprise, yet few surprises have the power to take someone's breath away. But that's exactly what happens when you charter an aircraft. It's the one treat that leaves your guests speechless.

If you want people to know how much they mean to you — spouses, families, customers, or colleagues — charter an aeroplane for their special occasion. A chartered aircraft wins every time: guests need not even know until they arrive at the airport that you've chartered an aircraft specially for them; a flight gives no clues to the ultimate destination; the level of service can outstrip anything your guests have experienced before.

Your secret is safe with us

No two special occasions should ever be the same. It's their uniqueness that makes them special. That's why it's worth chartering an aircraft to mark the occasion — anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, successful year, big contract win, or heartfelt thank you. Whatever the treat, your guests will get there quicker and more comfortably in a chartered aeroplane.

And if you want to keep your plans secret until the last possible moment, that's no problem either. We can arrange for everyone in the chain — from check-in staff to aircrew — to keep the destination confidential.

Anglo European offers you:

  • - Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  • - Direct, non-stop flights
  • - Luxury on-board catering (incl. bespoke menus)
  • - Satellite phone (on selected aircraft)
  • - Private business terminals & lounges
  • - Range of ground transfer services (incl. helicopter transfers)
  • - 24hr flight operations via our direct link to European Air Traffic Control

Private charter puts you in control

Chartering a private aircraft through Anglo European gives you flexibility, increases comfort, and cuts formalities to the minimum. Many airports offer VIP terminals for private charter customers; others let you drive your car right up to the aircraft.

In every case, baggage handling is quick and efficient, check-in procedures are minimal and your travel arrangements remain out of the public eye.

For further information and preliminary price indications, call our executive charter team on +44 (0)1724 711 999 or complete a charter enquiry form.