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Private Charters for VIPs & Celebrities

Meet your commitments, not the paparazzi

Celebrities and VIPs are in demand. They travel far and they travel fast. Today London, tomorrow Lisbon or Los Angeles — or maybe both on the same day. For politicians and pop stars, time is valuable and travel schedules can be punishing. Only privately chartered aircraft can keep up with such a fast-moving itinerary; only private travel keeps the paparazzi at arm's length.

Travel in a style that matches your status

Private charter lets VIPs travel in a style that matches their status. Almost anything is possible from special diets to a case of vintage champagne. There may even be room for a favourite pet. Most important of all, a private jet gives a celebrity time to catch up on sleep and to prepare for the next engagement.

Private jets are discrete. Time in the air is time to yourself, flight times are not published, and you can choose out-of-the-way airfields to avoid the press and the public.

Anglo European offers you:

  • - Choice of airports, dates and departure times
  • - Direct, non-stop flights
  • - Luxury on-board catering (incl. bespoke menus)
  • - Satellite phone (on selected aircraft)
  • - Private business terminals & lounges
  • - Range of ground transfer services (incl. helicopter transfers)
  • - 24hr flight operations via our direct link to European Air Traffic Control

Private charter puts you in control

Chartering a private aircraft through Anglo European gives you flexibility, increases comfort, and cuts formalities to the minimum. Many airports offer VIP terminals for private charter customers; others let you drive your car right up to the aircraft.

In every case, baggage handling is quick and efficient, check-in procedures are minimal and your travel arrangements remain out of the public eye.

For further information and preliminary price indications, call our executive charter team on +44 (0)1724 711 999 or complete a charter enquiry form.