Sports Charter Flights

We arrange sports charter flights for teams, sponsors & supporters to the world’s premier football, rubgy and hockey games.

Football stadium

A chartered aircraft
gets you there.

When being there really matters.

Whatever the sport or venue, chartering an aircraft ensures that your passengers get to the game en masse and on time to enjoy the atmosphere of a live match. We’ll take care of all contractual details and make sure your passengers arrive safely, in good spirits and at the right price.

Passengers in terminal
Supporters boarding plane

Charter flights
for supporters.

Help your fans support their favourite side.

International sporting events often attract more supporters than can be accommodated on scheduled services, resulting in sky high flight costs and complicated itineraries. Chartering an aircraft gives you dedicated capacity, allowing your customers to skip the chaos and focus on the real reason they're travelling. We are able to arrange day return, night stop or weekend charters tailored to the capacity you need.

Aircraft for
teams and sponsors.

Security and comfort as standard.

A sports charter flight keeps players and the team focused on the game ahead. They fly in total comfort, enjoy in-flight meals prepared in consultation with their team’s nutritionists and, perhaps most importantly of all, avoid press and public intrusion.

Sport team disembarking from aircraft
Airport transfer buses

Ground transfer arrangements

Coach hire for small and large groups.

Anglo European can arrange coach hire for a seamless travel experience at the destination. From airport to stadium and back again, we can source and contract ground transport options appropriate to your needs and budget.

Charter puts you
in control.

Choice of aircraft

Whether you wish to fly 50 or thousands of supporters, we can provide competitive aircraft solutions of any size.

See the entire match

Sports events don't always run to schedule. If the match starts late or slips into overtime, your chartered aircraft will wait for you.

Non-stop, direct flights

Save transit time and eliminate itinerary complications with direct flights that depart and arrive exactly where you need them.

Upgrade the airport experience

For more comfort, we can arrange dedicated check-in areas and lounge access for your passengers.

Talk to our team

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