Pilgrimage Charters

We can arrange bespoke charter flights to comfortably & safely transport religious groups of any size to the world's holy sites.

Pilgrimage charter aircraft being loaded

Lourdes, Fatima, Rome & Jerusalem

Direct flights to the world’s holy places.

Pilgrims have unique needs and expectations that scheduled airlines cannot easily accommodate. Our charter flights have taken groups of pilgrims to many of the world's holy places, enabling minimum transfer distances and the least amount of fuss.


Hajj and Umrah

Send your clients on a journey like no other.

Fly your pilgrims on a life-changing journey from every corner of the Islamic world. We can arrange cost-effective charter solutions that meet the unique requirements and capacity needs of the Hajj together with a tailored on-board experience including Halal catering.

Golden Temple of Amritsar

Direct flights to the Golden Temple.

Known across the globe for its magnificent Golden Temple or Sri Harmindir Sahib, Amritsar attracts millions of visitors every year. We are able to provide dedicated full charter flights for licensed tour operators.

Wheelchair assistance

Disabled access & medical care

Your passengers are in safe hands.

Many pilgrims are elderly or infirm and travel for physical and spiritual healing. Our flight care team will ensure a smooth airport experience for passengers with reduced mobility and can obtain authorisation for the carriage of essential medical support equipment.

How Air Charter
can help.

Choice of aircraft

Whether you wish to fly 50 or 5000 pilgrims, we can provide a seamless charter flight programme for your group.

Extra check-in time

We understand the nature of pilgrimage flights and will arrange for check-ins to open early to give your passengers ample time to board their flights.

Non-stop, direct flights

Save transit time and eliminate itinerary complications with direct flights that land as close as possible to the ultimate destination.

Airport comfort

For a smoother experience, we can arrange dedicated check-in areas, extra ground staff and assistance for passengers with reduced mobility.

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